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We are a mess, we are failures, and we love it!

Oh this town, it's so electric.

26 January 1993

Katie, Eighteen, Aquarius, Phi Sig; Katie Fitch and Mini McGuinness are my spirit animals. Ridiculously optimistic. Bisexual. Soon to be freshman at UVA Wise. Anglophile. Uses tumblr a lot more often than lj anymore, but I still get on here and I'll be more active on here in the summer.

Personality Type: Spontaneous Idealist
PersonalDNA: Encouraging Creator
Proud Gryffindor ♥ @ hogwartsishome.

Come and join! Apply at platform_934.

"save me barry!", 1900s-1960s, aladdin, alex arnold, alice in wonderland, alo/mini, animation, aquarius, art, astrology, audrey hepburn, belle, bisexuality, bloc party, brittana, broadway, chanel, cinderella, clemence poesy, community, controversy, cook/katie, cupcakes, dancing in the rain, darren criss, disney, disney heroines, disney princesses, dogs, drawing, dreaming, dubstep, dumbledore's army, ellie goulding, england, fantasies, fashion, florence + the machine, fred weasley, freya mavor, gene kelly, george weasley, george/katie, george/luna, gingers, glee, gryffindor, harry potter, harry styles, heather morris, hercules, history, hogwarts is home, hope, hunchback of notre dame, i love lucy, idealism, impulsiveness, italy, jack o'connell, james phelps, katie bell, liam payne, lipstick, literature, living to the fullest, louis tomlinson, lourry, love, makeup, marauders, marilyn monroe, megan prescott, mini mcguinness, misfits, music, musicals, nana, naomily, new york city, niall horan, old hollywood, oliver phelps, one direction, optimism, oscar wilde, painting, peeta/katniss, perfume, peter pan, phi sigma sigma, photography, piercings, pirates, pixar, pocahontas, pokemon, proving people wrong, puckleberry, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, quentin tarantino, quoting mean girls, rachel thevenard, rain, rapunzel, reading, red lips, redheads, rich/grace, romance, say anything, shameless (us), shopping, simon/alisha, singin' in the rain, singing, sketching, skins, south park, spring awakening, st. berry, stamping, starbucks, stargazing, tangled, tattoos, the colbert report, the hunger games, the lion king, the sims 3, tiffany's & co., toy story, vanilla coke, vivienne westwood, walt disney, walt disney world, weasley twins, zayn malik, ziam, zooey deschanel, ΦΣΣ